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    Ramsha Clothing Brand Wholesale Collection 2024 at Konjae

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    Ramsha Clothing Brand Wholesale Collection 2024 at Konjae 

    Since its inception, the Ramsha brand has provided unwavering quality and intricate designs. Their elaborate floral and traditional designs have made up the personality of this brand. When you think of buying from Ramsha clothing,  you can look forward to a very specific kind of dress. 

    A dress is more than its color or its design. Consumers might not be very aware of this, but many people would hardly wear a dress that is not comfortable to wear. For most people, comfort comes before beauty, even in party wear. This is where Ramsha’s fabric quality comes in. Ramsha brings you a quality of fabric that makes it much easier and fun to wear! Although Ramsha’s designs and colors are second to none, their luxurious fabric and impeccable sewing perfectly match their wonderful designs!

    Ramsha brand has a total of seven collections on our store KONJAE. Let’s have a look:

    • 2 Chiffon Unstitched collections
    • 2 Rangoon Unstitched collections
    • Minhal Embroidered Collection
    • Chevron Chiffon collection
    • Rangoon Luxury Chiffon Collection

    1. Chiffon Unstitched collections

    The two Chiffon Unstitched collections comprise beautiful feminine dresses we can’t get enough of! From beautiful shades of powder pink, peach, purple, beige, and tan, to deeper shades like orange, black, teal, green, and turquoise. Ramshas clothing collection has been delivering upon their promise for years and they still succeed in doing so!

    The floral designs embroidered designs on the luxurious Chiffon are loved by many! Other colors available in the collection are Mauve, carro pink, Pistachio green, Muted yellow, muted brown, pale taupe, purple taupe, olive green Spanish green, and sea pink. Last but not least, the red oxide dress in this collection is a show-stopper perfect for summer nights! No matter where you go wearing Ramsha, you'll make all heads turn! 

    2. Rangoon Unstitched

    This collection is more like a fancier, and more feminine collection by the brand. The color collection here swims around coral reds, pinks, and oranges, and touches a few muted colors. As you know, muted shades of the boldest of colors look amazing when styled the right way. Fancy clothes when worn for formal or semi-formal occasions, need to be in decent muted colors, Such colors are timeless, and do not require a lot of effort or replacing. Whether it is a daytime or nighttime gathering, you can never go wrong if you wear Ramsha’s

    3. Minhal Embroidered collection 

    This collection has done an excellent job of capturing the entire theme of Ramsha. Each dress in this collection is a masterpiece and we have them all! The dresses are heavily embroidered with thread and have been adorned with beads and Mukesh. The dupattas are long and beautiful. They are just as beautiful as the shirts of these dresses. 

    4. Chevron Chiffon collection

    This Ramsha brand’s chiffon collection is best worn during the spring season. The blossoming floral patterns and the combination and contrasts of lively colors make this collection a perfect choice for festivals and weddings during the Spring season. 

    5. Rangoon Luxury Chiffon Collection

    This collection gives more subtle and royal vibes. The same color intricate designs with a touch of light elegant flowers. This collection holds good choices for all my minimalist fashionistas out there! Ramsha clothing brand has proved that you don’t have to go out of your way to look stylish! 

    Visit KONJAE now to see your favorite Ramsha pick!
    Also, Ramsha’s velvet and winter collections are coming up for the coming season. Stay tuned to find out!