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    Best wholesale Mothers Collection In 2024 at konjae

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    Wholesale Mother’s Collection

    People must be thinking what is this new term, “Mother’s Collection” and all the hype about it in the clothing markets?? 

    Well, let us make it easier for you. Mother’s Collection is not a separate clothing brand or a clothing boutique but it is a product manufactured and designed specially for elderly ladies who are either mommies or grannies now. 

    This volume has been launched by many clothing brands in Pakistan.

    Mother’s Collection Available in Wholesale at Konjae

    All the retailers and wholesalers can avail of the latest volumes of Mother’s Collection at Konjae. Konjae is one of the best online clothing networks for wholesalers and retailers in Pakistan. We have a mother's collection from a variety of brands such as Gul Ahmed Mother Collection, Bonanza Satrangi Mother’s CollectionAlkaram Mother’s Collection, and Mother-Daughter Collections etc.

    Wholesale Mother’s Collection For Summer 2024

    With every blooming flower of spring, the prestigious and creative designers of Pakistan display their art and designs starting from May, as it brings Mother’s Day. 

    The Mother’s Collection for spring and summer is explicitly designed for old-aged ladies who love to look graceful even in their elder ages. 

    To serve this purpose designers produce Mother’s Collection for summer in an entirely decent and elegant set of colors including mist greens, lighter blues, shades of white, lighter tones of pink, and beige color. 

    This color is then printed in beautiful flower prints with small and sleek prints and not too many digital or loud prints. You can check Gul Ahmed Mother’s Lawn Summer Collection 2024 at our website, which is available wholesale. 

    The Mother’s Collection - Summer is usually manufactured in lawn fabric as it is comfortable to wear but for occasional events, clothing brands also have embroidered three-piece suits in Mother’s Collection and Festive Mother’s Collection. 

     Wholesale Mother’s Collection For Winters 2024

    Like summers and spring, winter also comes up with magnificent designs and beautiful Mothers Collection. The Mother’s Collection for winter has a unique feature in that it is in darker tones mostly yet it is graceful. So here we should give credit to the innovative minds of the designers and professionals working behind the collection.

    The Mother’s Collection for winter is designed in such a way that it becomes a perfect fit for all the elderly women of Pakistan. The color palettes are also in darker undertones and hues with contrasting prints and embroideries that give them an elegant look for older ladies. 

    Moreover, there are collections for mothers in winter jacquard, cambric, velvet, and khaddar in embroidered fabric that can be the best outfit for them to wear at weddings or get-togethers. 

    So, for all the retailers and wholesalers who still do not have Mother’s Collection at their store, order it now from our website and enjoy the best maximum profits on every piece!