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    Viscose Fabric

    Viscose Fabric is considered to be a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to cotton. Cotton is usually 100% natural and made from organic materials, however, viscose is semi-synthetic and is produced by chemically treating wood pulp turning it into fibers, then, into threads, and eventually fabric. Initially, the wood for the fabric is chopped up and then dissolved into chemicals to form a pulp. This brown solution is then taken through a bleaching solution to lighten its color. The solution is then taken further to create fibers in it. The solution is then passed through a machine that converts it into yarn and voila! The Viscose yarn is ready to be made into a fabric!

    Characteristics of Viscose

    Viscose dresses have gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts because it is a very low-cost alternative to cotton and silk. Viscose has properties of both silk and cotton, hence it looks and feels like a cross between the two fabrics. Viscose has been used to make dresses that are supposed to be flowy and need to be draped like shrugs, sarees, and other items like maxis, frocks, etc. Viscose is cheaper than silk but has the sheen of it. Moreover, the texture and weight of viscose are light and airy allowing it to be a perfect material for summer. Sure it can be won in winter, but if you are looking for something that looks as classy as silk and has that soft feel of it, viscose is going to be the best choice. The fabric of viscose has been used for a long time to make dresses that are not too heavy and yet have that look and fall of heavy silky material. It looks perfect for gowns, maxis, and even shalwar kameez. The fabric is versatile and keeps you looking elegant for the day/night, whatever the occasion is! Viscose summer dresses never fail you! You can wear it on all summer occasions when the sun is up high or when the night is lightly breezy.

    Buy Viscose dresses from KONJAE

    A viscose dress for a woman is like a dream come true! who doesn't like the comfort of a light breathable cloth while maintaining a good fashion sense and style. That is why Konjae brings you Viscose dressing sales at affordable wholesale rates that will blow your mind!  For retailers and small business owners, it is absolutely easy to buy viscose and then sell it online