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    Winter is incomplete without wearing velvet right? From velvet gloves to velvet shawls, and velvet dresses to velvet shoes, we all love ourselves the feel of velvet royalty every year! 

    Konjae’s Velvet Collection

    Dear fans of velvet, Welcome to Konjae!

    You’ve landed at the perfect place to buy the best velvet dresses in Pakistan!
    We too can’t wait to wear velvet, so let’s look at Konjae’s Velvet Dress Designs.                                                                                                                                                         

    From light Karandi Velvet with intricate designs on Dupatta Pallu and kameez, daman, to heavily embellished majestic velvet lehngas and maxi dresses, all available in Pakistani traditional style! Our collection entails simple velvet dress designs as well as velvet wedding dresses that will blow your mind.

    Velvet Wedding Formals

    Weddings in winter are a thing in Pakistan because the heat is lower and people can dress up and move easily outdoors and indoors for celebration. But the cold problem is still there, so wearing a thick warm velvet dress eliminates the need to wear additional outer layers like sweaters or jackets. Not to mention, sometimes, wearing a beautiful shawl over your plain khaddar or karandi suit will be all you need! Our Velvet shawls come in so many styles, designs, and colors that you can easily find your perfect choice! The most worn among wedding formals are velvet embroidered dresses. Embroidered velvet can be worn by women of all ages and on almost every occasion.

    Velvet Bridal Dresses

    Pakistani Velvet bridal dresses are works of art. From embroidery to beadwork and other intricate embellishments, our Velvet wedding dresses steal the show every time! Their specific sheen, natural warmth, and cozy comfort are some of the characteristics that make them an absolute favorite!

    Designer Brands 

    Throughout these years, velvet has always been a cherished part of people’s wardrobes. People wear it on festive occasions and celebrations as fancy wear. From applique work to embroideries and cut work, people have continued to try all designs and techniques to wear velvet in innovative ways. 

    Thanks to Pakistan’s designers, we can now wear high-quality Velvet in many innovative designs and colors. Looking at the unstitched collection by Zainab Chottani, we see wedding formals and party wear in Velvet like never before! The delicate and elaborate designs on velvet shirts paired with contrasting velvet trousers and matching reshmi dupattas have revolutionized the world of velvet wear! Similarly, the velvet wedding dress collection in Pakistani style by brands like Florent makes us want to buy it all! Our store has these brands and many more!

    Velvet Online Shopping

    With online shopping prevailing, buying velvet dresses is now relatively easier, especially in the Pakistani market. Kudos to Konjae, Online shopping is now easier, faster, and more reliable than ever before! Konjae has made it undoubtedly possible to buy your favorite dresses with just a click. With Konjae, buy the original, buy the best!