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    Cross Stitch Clothing 

    Cross stitch is a brand that takes immense pride in its history. The brand originated in 2010, in Lahore, as a subsidiary of Ayesha Group. Cross Stitch has a unique history because the brand sprung with a vision that was fairly different than the visions of other apparel brands. As the name suggests, this brand originated with a vision to bring an old embroidery technique called ‘Cross Stitch’ back. This brand has been famous for the quality of their work and the intricacy of their designs. The most famous cross stitch collections are the embroidered ones.
    Cross Stitch continued its sales with a passion for reviving even more traditional embroidery techniques. This has made Cross Stitch clothing a perfect place to buy Eid Collections! 

    Cross Stitch Lawn

    As the years have passed, Cross Stitched has become a brand rooted in the traditional practices of Pakistan, in every sense. The fabrics Cross stitch uses most like Lawn and cotton are also the fabrics produced most in Pakistan. The techniques they use to design the dresses are very traditional. 

    Cross Stitch Sale Ready to Wear | Cross Stitch Sale Unstitched  

    Have a look at Cross Stitch Sale in the ready-to-wear and unstitched collections. The dresses are the epitome of traditional fashion infused with the decency and simplicity of minimalist modern fashion. 

    Cross Stitch Winter & Summer Collection

    The color palette of the designers compliments Pakistani skin tones with perfection. The pastel hues of blue, green, and pink are a story of excellence that surpasses many other brands. The harmonious consistency in Cross Stitch designs is impeccably balanced with their ability to create trendy and appropriate pieces for every era and occasion.

    Cross Stitch specializes in making designer pieces that are best suited for the summer and winter collections of the brand.