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    Mona Embroidery Clothing Brand - About the Brand

    Mona Embroidery brand is a rising clothing brand in Pakistan. It has originated as a house of aesthetic art, and a traditional village in the world of apparel. The brand targets and produces for a specific niche which is stylish, modern, and loves to wear ethnic traditional designs innovatively. Mona Embroidery Fabrics continues to create endless artistic pieces that hold a special place in the craft arena of the Pakistani Fashion Industry.

    Pakistani art is recognized all over the world. And rightly so, since the intricate details are a story of aesthetics taking place through hard work and making their mark on the fabric canvases. The brand was initiated by artists who hold Pakistani traditional roots very dear to their hearts and want to keep reviving them in contemporary ways so everyone can adorn their personalities with this clothing collection and be proud. 

    Mona Embroidery Dresses

    What makes Mona Emriodery sales a success is their craftsmen’s commitment to excellence which they are very consistent with. 

    Different collections like Mona Embroidery Eid dresses, and Jacquard collection all are of exceptional quality that is second to none. 

    Mona also specializes in summer and winter dresses in their latest collection. The warmth of the winter fabric stuff is something that keeps you comfortable throughout the party. We all want to be able to attend desi functions without shivering, right?

    Mona Embroidery clothing is a line created with a fusion of traditional designs in modern style. The brand’s collections are contemporary pieces that have a solid traditional vibe to them.

    Here is your chance to get your hands on the latest Mona Embroidery dresses that would take your fashion sense and wardrobe to the next level. You will certainly be turning heads and leaving a lasting strong impact everywhere you go!

    Buy And Sell With Konjae 

    Our collection of women's clothing is designed to meet the fashion needs of women of all ages and backgrounds. We offer a range of trendy and stylish designs perfect for any occasion and traditional pieces that represent the beautiful culture of Pakistan. Whether you're looking for something casual or you want to dress up fancy, Konjae has got you covered!

    At Konjae, we understand the importance of high-quality clothing. That's why we offer a range of Pakistani women's wholesale clothes that are both stylish and comfortable. Our wholesale collection includes traditional dresses like shalwar kameez and modern styles like tunics, kurtas, and shrugs. We also offer a range of ladies' fancy dressing options for those looking for something extra blingy. All of this is in wholesale rates! 

    So shop now wholesale, and wear or sell these precious dresses in retail to earn your profits!