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    Keysha Clothing Brand | Start and Story

    Daniyal Shabbir, a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur started Keysha in 2021 with an individual idea to start a sophisticated and decent clothing brand that includes creative designs and premium quality fabrics.

    The best quality fabrics come with the good experience of fabrics since 2009 of GSTM- Ghulam Shabbir Textile Machinery. 

    Since its start, the brand has gained high popularity among the women of the country because of its versatility and opulent designs that have no match. Thus Keysha in no time became an iconic clothing brand in the Pakistani Textile Industry. 

    Embrace Fashion Desires With Keysha in 2024

    Keysha has a professional team of enthusiasts and dedicated designers that aim to provide the best designs and fabrics that not only enhance women's fashion desires but also uplift Pakistan to a new level of creativity and productivity. 

    Keysha Clothing is also known for its quality and it is also one of the most important things. The weaving process is precise and done by skilled staff. This results in a top-notch quality fabric that gives you an elite and elegant finish. 

    When you get a Keysha dress wholesale then you can get your hands on a good-styled dress in less amount. For the wholesalers and shopkeepers buying Keysha wholesale clothing is a good investment in less amounts and getting the most premium fabrics and creative designs that will increase their sales. 

    Get Keysha Ready-to-Wear and Unstitched Collections 2024 in Wholesale

    Keysha offers women's clothing in different and seasonal collections for spring, summer, winter, and pre-fall seasons with delicately made luxurious Keysha Festive Collections. You can avail of Keysha’s clothing in both unstitched and ready-to-wear collections in bulk and wholesale at Konjae.

    Keysha is very famous now for its versatility among everyday wear because has Keysha Summer Collection and Keysha Winter Collections are the best choices for casual women's wear.  

    The Keysha Lawn and Keysha Khaddar are specially made in such a way that they will not only embrace women’s style statement but also their confidence with their comfortable touch and elegant feel.  

    This popularity for casual wear does not make its Festive Wear any less and the brand is also famous for its silhouettes and fashion wear and is promising a constant revolution in the textile industry of Pakistan.