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    Organza dresses in Pakistan

    In Pakistan, organza found its way into party wear, bridal collections, and other festive collections. This delicate-looking shimmery fabric is sturdy and can hold on strong to embroidery stitches and other embellishments, this has made it an all-time favorite!

    Organza dresses in Pakistan have become a fusion of Western and Eastern fashion. Organza Maxi dresses are mostly purchased by teens and tweens for their college/university parties, for attending events, and even worn by Brides! Embroidered organza dresses like Kameez trousers are worn by a majority of women of all ages for all kinds of events and festivals. 

    Our Organza Dresses wholesale collection includes printed organza dresses and multicolored embroidered pieces including white organza dresses. These dresses add a royal touch of luxury to your wardrobe. In every festive season, Organza has become a must-have. The breathable material makes it easier to wear in the hot seasons. These dresses are best worn on festive occasions like Eid, and Iftar parties, to attending weddings, or at dinners by newlyweds. 

    History of Organza

    Organza Fabric is among the most expensive fabrics used in the apparel industry. One reason is the intricate process of weaving involved in its production process, but mostly, it is expensive because the fabric is lightweight, has a luxurious impression, and has silky and delicate sheen in its appearance. Human beings are inherently prone to be attracted to things that shine, be it gold, glitter, or stars. 

    Organza has become popular faster than many other fabrics because of its magical properties. Even though it looks as delicate and light as a moth’s feather, the fabric is surprisingly durable and sturdy. Layer up the fabric, and you get amazing volume in frocks, skirts, and gowns. Want to go fancy with a single layer of fabric? Embroider, stick stones, stitch pearls, or add sequins to an Organza dress, and the Fabric isn’t going anywhere! All of this with the additional overall sheen in the fabric which gives it a royal look! 

    Like most other silk types, Organza originated in China. And made its way to Europe as well as the rest of Asia. It has become a fashion staple in Europe particularly. For hundreds of years, Europeans have depended on this fabric when making dresses for their special occasions. organza dress Designs by Pakistani designers have gained praise from all around the world. Our rich culture adds to the history of this fabric.

    Silk has been a popular choice among uppermost noble classes since ancient civilizations, hence it also became a symbol of wealth and luxury. 

    Organza Dresses collection at Konjae

    Our organza collection presents you with multiple brands to choose from. From an elaborate bridal collection by Imrozia to a black organza dress in formal festive wear by Bin Saeed, we have a versatile collection. Here is a list of some of the brands we have for your convenience:

    • Gull Jee
    • Salitex
    • Limelight
    • Florence Fashion
    • Bin Saeed
    • Gul Ahmed
    • Lavish
    • Maryam’s
    • Qalam Kar
    • Zainab Manan
    • Imrozia Serene
    • Maryum N Maria
    • Schick by M.I
    • Tawakkal

    What’s better than buying organza from a brand? Buying through KONJAE is!
    KONJAE brings you a variety of original products all from one shed, faster and safer than ever. 

    Visit our store and call to tell us which organza dress designs you like the most!