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    Riwayat Clothing Brand Wholesale Collection 2024 Available at Konjae

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    Riwayat Clothing Brand Wholesale Collection 2024 Available at Konjae

    Riwayat has been around for about 5 years now. Throughout these years, Riwayat Clothing has stood up to its name for providing what it promises. Riwayat has proved to be a trustworthy clothing brand that delivers the best quality wholesale products. The aesthetics of the Riwayat wholesale collection are something to admire. 

    Riwayat Brand Variety & Designs

    Riwayat Brand has both stitched and unstitched fabrics in its Winter Collection. These dresses are luxurious to feel, and elegant in print and design. Riwayat fabrics on sale are: Cotton, Cotton Chikan Kari, Lawn, Khaddar, Jacquard Banarasi Lawn.

    Riwayat Embroidered collection and printed collection, both are adorned with beautiful floral and elegant royal designs that every woman desires. Riwayat’s new Collection erases the need to buy from any other place because Riwayat has everything!
    They are even going to launch a glorious Wedding collection at KONJAE, soon!

    Riwayat Brand Fabric Quality

    Riwayat understands the significance of dressing up and expressing one’s culture and heritage. Riwayat meticulously handpicks Fabrics for sale. Hence it is known for comfort, quality, and beauty. From Riwayat’s intricately knitted, comfortable Khaddar Collection, to the rich and charming Luxury Lawn Collection, the delicate cotton chikankari to aesthetic prints of Jacquard on Banarsi Lawn, each Riwayat Dress for Sale is a masterpiece loved by ladies!

    Versatile Color Palette

    The color palette of Riwthe Ayat's wholesale collection is a celebration of femininity, identity, and diversity. Especially Riwayat’s Lawn Suits have colors for every woman’s liking, from all ages & backgrounds. From delicate pastel hues of pink, purple, and beige in Riwthe ayat Lawn Collection, to deep bold shades of maroon, ink-blue, & green in Unstitthe ched Khaddar Collection, Riwayat masters in balancing colors that evoke joy, as well as leave a strong impression behind. Versatility is at the heart of their pieces, which is why it is also reflected in the colors of both Riwayat’s Stitched Collection and Unstitched Winter Collection. 

    Riwayat Stitched and Unstitched Dresses Variety

    When it comes to convenience of design and fit, Riwayatthe  Embroidered Lawn collection raises our standards. Their ready-to-wear pieces have short as well as long shirts. They also design dresses in Angrakha, Airline, and other creative patterns

    Whether someone prefers convenience and wears ready-to-wear two-piece or three-piece suits, or someone wants the creative freedom of unstitched fabric, Riwayat caters to their preferences with equal effort. Explore Riwayat’s Unstitched 3-piece option. You could also try Riwayat Khaddar Collection and Lawn Unstitched, where each piece is beautifully made to take your clothing style to the next level. 

    For young girls looking for light and simple dyed dupattas, look no further. Riwayat’s  Embroidered Lawn range also comes with dyed Dupattas that add a happy splash of color to your dresses. Riwayat’s Unstitched Embroidered collection comes with the same. This helps in transitioning from casual outing wear to graceful formal clothing while wearing a traditional dress like a shalwar kameez.

    Riwayat Dresses Wholesale From Casual To Occasions

    From chic two-piece co-ord sets or Kameez Dupatta to Casual and classy party wear three-piece suits, Riwayat enhances your look with effortless designs.
    Riwayat is most liked by working women who want pre-designed, elegant clothing that is ready to wear. Their versatility of designs, fabric, and colors doesn’t let you get bored! The timeless designs are a favorite among all women, all year round.  

    Don't forget to buy Riwayattthe the  Lawn and Khaddar collection with a profitable price in unstitched and stitched this today!