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    Bin Salman Clothing

    Bin Salman is a rapidly growing brand that has only started recently. The creative designs, fabric quality, bold uniqueness, and easy inclusivity in their pieces, tell there is a promising story to come. Bin Salman’s collection is all about colors of life bursting with creativity! If you’re looking for bold contemporary prints, framed in traditional ethnic wear for women, Bin Salman clothing is the best place. 

    Bin Salman Women's Collections

    Bin Salman creates designs that celebrate life in a boldly innovative way. The bold shades of Apple red, lemon yellow, Turquoise, popping Fuchsia, deep orange, phthalo blue, and emerald green are a sight to see! The dresses are a fun party of colors that scream HAPPY! For example, the ‘Fusion & Fashion Unstitched’ is a women's collection by Bin Salman that comes in beautiful 3-piece suits that have contemporary floral, digital, and minimal designs that remind us of spring blooming in full force! Similarly, the collection ‘Cordial’ is a combination of funky colors and striped and geometric patterns that can light up the mood of a people-filled room! Women's clothing production like the one by Bin Salman is meant for spirited women who like to make a statement out of their fashion sense. The dresses in themselves are a poem of individuality that makes women feel confident and empowered. 

    Buy Bin Salman At Konaje

    Even though it has only launched, we are proud to have the Bin Salman Collection with Konjae. These dresses add a lot of fun to our store! 

    Konjae is pleased to bring you the wholesale Bin Salman Collection in this time of inflation. 

    Women in our clientele already love to buy clothing from Bin Salman due to their trending contemporary designs on a reasonable budget! 

    Like always, you can explore the latest contemporary brands, fabrics, and designs at the Konjae Store at Wholesale rates! You can easily earn income through profit received by selling these articles in retail. Brands like Bin Salman are among brands that sell like hotcakes. So what are you waiting for? Order your favorite collection by Bin Salman today!