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    Karandi Fabric 

    Over the years, Karandi fabric has evolved, and so has its usage. Karandi first came into the consumer market as a thick fabric, with specific properties. Due to its thickness, the cloth could only be worn during winter. As time went by, different versions of the fabric emerged and their usage season shifted from extreme winter to warmer seasons as well. Karandi is a favorite clothing fabric among many people because of its durability, utility, and wash & wear characteristics.


    Karandi fabric dresses can be designed into shalwar Kameez, waistcoats, men’s shawls for winter, etc. Karandi is a versatile fabric that has a huge market demand. Most sewn Karandi are Shalwar Kameez dresses for gents.

    Karandi dresses are best known for their quality and durability. Karandi dresses are normally worn in winter but lighter versions of it can also be worn in summer. Karandi is a thick cloth that keeps you warm during winters and cool during summers because it insulates the outer environment from your body. 

    Karandi at Konjae

    Karandi Dresses Wholesale Collection at Konjae is one of a kind. This collection has Karandi Dresses that are 80% polyester and 20% silk. This means that the fabric is luxurious in feel and comfortable to wear. These precious qualities along with the insulating properties of the fabric offer protection from harsh weather. The Karandi collection at Konjae is a wash-and-wear collection, and we have all the reasons to buy! 

    Karandi Market

    Karandi dresses men collection is famous among men since it is a cloth that provides extra protection from outer weather and conditions. Women also wear Karandi but the color collection and fabric thickness in their clothes vary majorly, 

    Color Palette

    The color collection of Karandi at Konjae is white, cream, Chocolate brown, and light copper. These dresses are to be worn in colder weather.

    Karandi comes in many types and colors, but Konjae has the best Karandi out there. This is a thick fabric that is wash & wear, wrinkle-free, and perfect for a formal event, a family get-together, an Eid celebration, or a regular day at work!
    Don’t miss out on an opportunity to add a stylish Karandi piece to your clothes. Shop now!