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    Akbar Aslam Clothing Brand 

    Akbar Aslam is a luxury brand that makes women’s ethnic clothing that is a blend of modern aesthetics and traditional designs. Their high-quality dresses are made by expert craftsmen who hand-embellish the dresses to ensure that their customers get handcrafted masterpieces.
    Akbar Aslam’s had a humble inception five years ago. Their philosophy entailed creating contemporary pieces while capturing the essence of the Subcontinent’s traditions and rich culture. Akbar Aslam, the founder and designer, brought his ideas to life in a small boutique. In a time frame of five years, Akbar Aslam’s clothing has received global recognition. Even though their scope of production and market has hugely increased in these years, their philosophy has remained the same. They still believe in creating timeless pieces using traditional styles and techniques. 

    Are you ready to make your mark with some innovative unconventional designs? Welcome to Akbar Aslam! You are in the right place!

    When it comes to wedding wear, we all want a dress that turns heads, makes ladies swoon over our choices, and asks in awe and aspiration, ”Where did you buy this dress?” 

    If you want that you need to let Akbar Aslam lead your way through choosing your style.

    Akbar Aslam’s collections at KONJAE

    Let us take a look at Akbar Aslam’s collections at KONJAE:

    • Shadmani Luxury Formal Collection
    • Orphic Embroidered Bridal
    • Nyra Embroidery Wedding Collection
    • Libaas e Khas Embroidered
    • Layalia Embroidered wedding collection
    • Elinor Embroidered wedding collection

    Shadmani Luxury Formal Collection

    Shadmani means Happiness, and that is what this collection reflects in every sense! From bright hues of orange, teal, and yellow, to black, beige, mehndi, and turquoise colors, this is a go-to collection for Dholki, Mayoun, or Mehendi functions. Dresses like Meena Dilaab, and Kaneel from the collection can be worn by brides too! The entire collection is an outburst of beautiful bright colors that add to your happiness -Shadmani.

    Orphic Embroidered Bridal

    Orphic is a divine bridal collection that has a dress for every taste! Queen Bee, the first piece of this collection is an unconventional piece in taupe gray color. The dress is decorated with bold-colored embellishments that look like flowers blossoming in their full spring. The dress is a lehnga choli that comes with a light dupatta with decorated borders and ‘chatta’ work all over. Coming to the next dress named ‘Cygnus’ is a forest green beauty with gold embroidery and similar embellishments. These two dresses can be worn by Barat and Walima brides both! The rest of the collection has timeless elegant barat dresses like ‘Constellation’ ‘Salamandar’ and ‘Sienna’. These dresses are, as you can guess, red and with beautiful golden work that covers the entirety of the Lehnga, the blouse, and the sides of the dupattas. Unconventional pieces for Barat brides include Bonita, Noviristic, and Cobalt. Bonita is a light pink subtle dress that can be worn for a reception event or an engagement event. However Noveristic being golden beige beauty and cobalt being an elegant timeless white dress with golden work, can be worn by a nikkah bride who wants to save the red dress for their wedding! This collection has very stylish dresses for Walima brides. Dresses like Revasser, Hanzel, and 

    This collection can also be worn by Nikkah brides! Last but not the least! Akbar Aslam has not left Mehndi's brides out! Mehendi brides can now wear a collection of bright colors, thanks to Akbar Aslam!

    Nyra Embroidery Wedding Collection

    Nyra is a versatile collection that has a lot of options to choose from! This collection has the best fabric quality from Akbar Aslam chiffon collection From wedding formals to party wear and dresses for Eid, this collection has it all!  If we were to name an Akbar Aslam Eid collection, it would be Nyra

    Libaas e Khas Embroidered

    Have a cousin’s wedding coming up? Buy Akbad Aslam and let us take care of all your apparel worries! Because this is a collection of wedding formals that can be worn at all wedding functions! These maxi dresses are a combination of trendy pastels and bold black pieces.                                                                                                                                  

    Layalia Embroidered Wedding Collection

    This collection by Akbar Aslam has all the colors you need! From deep hues of pink, yellow, and red to pastels, custard, and mehndi green colors, this collection will help you dress in every season and every occasion!

    Elinor Embroidered Wedding Collection

    This collection comes under Akbartheththe the Aslam royal luxury chiffon collection, and has the best dresses to be worn by newlyweds! The colors and designs on these dresses are next to none and can be worn by anyone! They can be your go-to this wedding season!

    So hop on an adventure ride through the wedding collection by Akbar Aslam! We’re sure you’ll have picked many favorites by the end!