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    About Zoella Clothing Brand 

    Zoella Brand has added significant value to the fashion industry in Pakistan. The brand harmonizes contemporary style with sophistication, creating a harmonious collection that redefines fashion in Pakistan and makes fashion budget-friendly.

    As the fashion industry in Pakistan has evolved, so has this brand. Zoella Fabrics have invested years of effort and commitment and earned its name for providing up-to-date traditional cum contemporary fashion on a budget.

    Zoella Lovers

    Zoella is mostly bought by our customers who want a minimalistic and classy style at the same time. The designs of these dresses are an addition that stays in your wardrobe for a while. Because you simply can’t get enough!

    Zoella quickly gained appreciation and recognition when it started creating original pieces that were a fusion of Western and Eastern culture, Their focus is more upon casual and semi-formal wear for people who want to wear timeless and/or contemporary pieces. This keeps attracting a niche market segment that wants to maintain a unique fashion style. 

    Zoella Collections

    Zoella has four stitched collections, including the Jacquard Broshia Fancy collection. In addition to that, it has three more collections -an unstitched collection for each one of those categories. Let us see them all in one place: 

    • Zaibtan
    • Zaibtan unstitched
    • Baseerat
    • Baseerat unstitched
    • Aaraish
    • Aaraish Unstitched
    • Jacquard Broshia Fancy

    Jacquard Broshia Fancy

    The light colors in Jacquard Broshia Fancy are a perfect choice for summer.  Summers in Pakistan get too hot to wear any fancy wear that has additional weight of embellishments. Zoella has provided a solution better than we could have imagined! 

    The Jacquard fabrics have an elegant sheen in their design that gives these dresses an elegant touch of subtle party-wear/fancy vibe. These can be worn for a friend’s day out or a gathering with family. Not to mention, these are a perfect choice for Eid! 

    The light fabric makes it easy to wear and the elegant design adds a touch of elegant style! They have a big collection of colors from light pastels for Summer and casual wear to deep bold colors for winter or fancy wear. This collection is closer to Zoella’s Winter Clothes Collection
    Our Suggestion: Wear deeper colors for occasions like parties and get-togethers, and save lighter colors for that just another day when you want to dress up!


    Zaibtan's stitched and unstitched collection both gracefully embody Femininity! Subtly deeper than pastel colors, the hues of purple, pink, grey, beige, and teal are just perfect! These printed shirts and dupattas come with matching or contrasting trousers. The different shades of rosy, magenta, and powder pink make this a collection every woman wants to keep!


    Aaraish collection comes in slightly bolder prints and colors. These dresses have fun floral and geometric prints. We cannot name one favorite from the selection because there are many! These dresses remind us of bold-colored flowers themselves! 

    From multicolor flowers popping randomly on deep turquoise to a funky pink celebrating the green and blue colors of nature, these dresses are something to look at! Some of the dresses have beautiful detailing of embroidery, lace, and pearls too! We like that this collection holds a variety so you have a dress for every mood. 


    Mauve, mustard, crimson, beige, this collection has all the colors you need! These dresses by Zoella are the most sold in our Summer Collection. This is a collection best suited for every day. The effortless style allows you to enjoy comfort and elegance at the same time! The prints are a combination of floral, tropical, minimalist geometric designs that help you stand out.

    Zoella is best suited for businesswomen or working women who want a consistent style but not repetitive designs every day! Also, women at home who go out to run errands can wear Zoella without second guessing and they’ll always find their fashion sense appreciated by ladies around the block! 

    Even though Zoella targets a young audience only by emphasizing Contemporary fashion, Zoella is popular among women of all ages!
    Make sure you buy from Konjae’s  Zoella clothing sale this season!