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    Zainab Manan Brand Wholesale Collection 2024 Available at Konjae

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    Zainab Manan Clothing Brand 

    Zainab Manan clothing is a celebration of elegance and beauty! The dresses are a plethora of bold colors with royal patterns and designs and pastels with soft colors & minimalist designs. Their collections entail all from casual wear to formal embroidered lawns, festive wear, bridal wear, and fancy sarees!

    Zainanb Manan clothing collection is among the most celebrated and renowned clothing lines in Pakistan. 

    Their exquisite designs and unparalleled premium color palette are a definite plus! To top it all off, the finest quality of Zainab Manan Clothing and textiles keeps it ever new and ever fresh! 

    Zainab Manan Clothing Collection

    Zainab Manan Clothing is available in both stitched and unstitched collections to suit your taste!
    The dresses also come in Semi-stitched form where the shirt is almost sewn and only needs a few stitches and is done! 

    Zainab Manan Clothing Collections are best to be worn or sold for family gatherings and festive occasions like Eid, weddings dinners, etc. 

    Their bridal collection has stolen many hearts since their designs are creative, timeless, modern, and traditional at the same time! 

    Konjae! Your Trusted Business Partner

    Our collection of women's clothing is designed to meet the fashion needs of women of all ages and backgrounds. We offer a range of trendy and stylish designs perfect for any occasion and traditional pieces that represent the beautiful culture of Pakistan. Whether you're looking for something casual or you want to dress up fancy, Konjae has got you covered!

    At Konjae, we understand the importance of high-quality clothing. That's why we offer a range of Pakistani women's wholesale clothes that are both stylish and comfortable. Our wholesale collection includes traditional dresses like shalwar kameez and modern styles like tunics, kurtas, and shrugs. We also offer a range of ladies' fancy dressing options for those looking for something extra blingy. All of this is in wholesale rates! 

    So shop now wholesale, and wear or sell these precious dresses in retail to earn your profits!

    We can’t wait to see you at Konjae Store online! Come pick your favorite Zainab Manan Clothing collection