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    Fusion 24 Stitched Collection

    Brand: La Rosaa

    Category: Wholesale

    Quantity: 5 Pieces Box

    Suit: 3 Piece Suit, 2 Piece Suit

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    Disclaimer: Due to difference in lighting used during photoshoot, the color and texture of the actual product may be slightly vary from the image

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    Detal Description:
    Step into the world of opulent celebration with the Premium Silk Georgette stitched 3 Piece , 2 Piece Collection by  Larosaa  Each piece is a luxurious symphony, meticulously crafted to elevate your glamour with rich elegance. Explore the intricate details and refined designs that define this collection, ensuring you make a grand statement at every occasion. Redefine your fashion narrative with  Larosaa  ,where every stitched piece orchestrates a tale of grandeur and sophistication. Elevate Your glamour with Larosaa Silk Georgette collection.