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    Linen’s Fabric Story

    Linen is an ancient textile manufactured from flax plants’ fibers. It is said to be around 30,000 years old fabric started in Mesopotamia, Georgia, and Egypt. It also served the purpose of being a game changer in the economic situation of some European and American colonies during the colonial era. 

    Qualities Of Linen Dresses

    The qualities of linen that make it stand out from all is its being absorbent and also dries faster than other fabrics. Linen fabric is also woven and knitted. The fabric also has some qualities which make it loved by all of the women such as it has a good capacity of saving from wrinkles. It takes more time than cotton to harvest the crop which makes it an article of expensive clothing to wear.  

    Linen Dresses For Women In Pakistan

    Linen is a very lightweight fabric as it has a low thread count therefore it is durable as well. Linen dresses in Pakistan are worn in the winter season of the country which is from mid of October till the start of April which is also called the autumn season of the year. It is worn from casual to occasional wear and does not require much of the ironing maintenance.  

    Original Branded Linen Dresses For Women | Online At Konjae

    Many Pakistani clothing brands are producing linen dresses in multiple designs and printed and embroidered designs. You can avail all the premium quality brands for wholesale linen dresses online for women at affordable rates from Konjae. 

    You can get these winter season linen dress designs in multiple designs from one-piece suits, to two-piece suits and three-piece suits in printed designs and embroidered linen dresses. Linen dresses are appealing in all colors. 

    You can find linen dresses often paired up with linen shawls or other warm shawls and plain linen trousers. To create a more aesthetic look you can select a warm color in a linen dress and wear a dark color additional khaddar, pashmina, wool or velvet shawl, and beautiful decent makeup. 

    Linen Dress-Perfect From Casual To Special Days

    You can design a Linen dress for casual to special days by choosing the right linen outfit for your events and days. For instance, if it is a birthday dinner you can make a maxi linen dress from a lining linen fabric bought from online wholesale linen dresses for women.

    On the other hand, if it is a family get-together you can wear a fully embroidered linen dress with an embroidered shawl and patchwork at the border and neck of the shirt, which is available in different branded linen collections of Konjae. For simple days you can carry a printed linen dress with linen dupatta and plain trousers to add grace to your everyday look.