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    Women Party Wear Wholesale Collection 2024 Available at Konaje

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    Women Party Wear Wholesale Collection 2024 Available at Konaje 

    When it comes to the perfect fancy party wear dress, the trends keep changing, and so does our collection!
    Our store has a collection of the latest dresses from renowned brands like Maria B, Mona Embroidered, Maryum and Maria, Asim Jofa’s party wear, and many more!

    Party wear or fancy dresses in Pakistan are characterized by a light touch of a variety of shiny embellishments on clothes. Whether you like beads and sequins, pearls and stones, Mukesh, or works of embroidery, laces, and more, KONJAE has got you covered!
    Feel free to explore our store, and make a selection for this season!

    Party Wear Dresses Collection

    Pakistani party-wear dresses are a beautiful reflection of Pakistan's rich culture and heritage. From long maxi and trousers with elegant shawls that add a layer of tradition and decency, to Punjabi style shorter fancy kameez with Patiala salwar and dupattas.
    Our collection carries splendid fabrics like raw silk, luxury chiffon, embroidered Khaddar, etc. One of our favorites is Maria B party wear. It beats Asim Jofa's party wear with price. It's a tough comparison. But we have to agree that both brands have the most premium quality dresses out there.

    Party Wear Collection 

    Party Wear by Pakistani Brands is popular all around the world. Party wear dresses in Pakistan are a wonderful balance between embellishing and maintaining a certain level of simplicity, which makes them a global favorite! Pakistanis living abroad, as well as Westerners, like to wear simple party wear dresses because they are masterpieces created by our designers
    Our party wear dresses for women can be worn on a friend's day out, a dinner with family, a birthday party, a festive gathering on Eid, an office party, or just a random day at university when you want to dress up!

    Why KONJAE

    Party wear dresses online shopping in Pakistan has never been as easy before. Thanks to KONJAE. This platform has enabled retailers to buy wholesale clothes, from all the best brands in Pakistan, all in one place. It is so much easier to compare prices, and designs, pick and choose from different options, and make the best decision. Moreover, Konjae is also open to consumers who want to buy clothes directly online. Our store takes responsibility for delivering your order as soon as you place it and is just as safe.

    Our recommendation: Make sure you have a black party dress this season. It saves you a lot of time, and you won’t go out of style! Check out our black party wear dresses that are present with Maryum and Maria, Asim Jofa, and Schick by M.I. Creation, Maria b party wear with price comparisons to help make the best decision.